Smart Textile

// noun

EN Smart textile is a fabric that is designed and developed with technology included to add functionalities to the garment for the person wearing it. The potential applications of these textiles are practically endless. They can communicate with other devices about their host, conduct energy, transform themselves and provide protection adapted to its environment. Now, how does this transcend the fun factor and become a necessity? Smart textile applications also include the release of medication, the adaptation to hazardous environments (climate), temperature regulation and monitoring heart rate, muscle vibration, etc. They can even be self-cleaning. Using fabric as a display is not even revolutionary anymore, yet it is a smart textiles application. But you can also think of smart mattresses, tracking your sleep or more importantly that of your baby.

NL Slim textiel is een stof die ontworpen werd met ingebouwde technologie, om zo functionaliteiten toe te voegen voor de persoon die het draagt. De potentiële toepassingen van dit textiel zijn zo goed als eindeloos. Ze kunnen met andere toestellen communiceren over hun gastheer/-vrouw, energie geleiden, zichzelf transformeren en aan de omgeving aangepaste bescherming bieden. Hoe krijgen we dit verder dan ‘grappige gadget’ en meer naar ‘nuttig gebruiksvoorwerp’? Slimme textieltoepassingen kunnen ook medicatie toedienen, zich aanpassen aan schadelijke omgevingsfactoren, temperatuur regelen, hartslag monitoren, etc. Ze kunnen zelfs zelfreinigend zijn. Stof als display gebruiken is al lang niet revolutionair meer, maar is ook een voorbeeld van slim textiel. Je kunt zo even goed slimme matrassen bedenken, die je slaappatroon in de gaten houden of beter nog, dat van je baby.

What's with this lexicon?

Digital transformation, Artificial intelligence, Robots takings our jobs, ... my GOD what a scary time we live in! Right? No, not really. We live in a very exciting time of endless possibilities, of genius new answers to questions we haven’t even been able to formulate... Some people just want to make good money by starting a fire and then being hired to put it out. We don’t like that at Bagaar. No apocalyptic vibes for us, we’re too zen for that.

The intelligence game will be won by those who know how to ask & answer questions critically.

Technology is evolving at a crazy pace, absolutely, and sometimes it might be a bit mindblowing, but don’t worry, humans are still the writers of this story, we decide how it goes. At Bagaar we help our clients every day to gear up for any technological challenge they may be up to, we have a very big toolbox of digital answers to their problems and are very happy to help them in writing their own story. This time we wanted to do something not only for our clients but for everyone, our moms, the guy at the busstop, politicians, journalists, whoever may be helped with a little free knowledge.

Core message here: Trojan: Nice for the greeks, not for you.

So, we wrote this lexicon in the assumption that if people would have more information, and a bit of guidance, they wouldn’t have to feel so helpless when hearing about Digital transformation, MVP’s, Frontend, AWS, Trojans, UX, UI, ... (Que?) We assembled all the buzzwords we use on a daily basis and tried to give a down to earth, simple explanation for each of them. Take it with you, read through it when you’re waiting on a train or getting your nails done and next time somebody starts a fire, you just blow it out yourself (or if it’s too big call Bagaar).

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