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EN At Bagaar, we believe in Agile development, delivering our products and projects in a very flexible and interactive way that leaves room for iteration along the way. One way we put this vision into practice is to work with the scrum-methodology, a holistic strategy in which our team of very different profiles works in close online and face-to-face collaboration to reach a common goal. So we don't follow the traditional consecutive steps, but everybody works together using a cool online project management tool called JIRA. It offers flexible issue and project tracking and allows you to follow any kind of unit of work (tasks, improvements, bugs, stories, etc.) through a determined workflow. Efficiency assured!

NL Bij Bagaar zijn we grote believers in Agile-development. Dat houdt in dat we onze producten en projecten op een heel flexibele en interactieve manier willen opleveren, met voldoende iteraties doorheen het traject. Dat zetten we om in de praktijk door te werken met de Scrum-methodologie, wat een holistische strategie is om een gemeenschappelijk doel te bereiken. We volgen de traditionele opeenvolgende stappen niet, maar iedereen werkt samen onder andere aan de hand van een cool online projectmanagementprogramma dat JIRA heet. Je kunt daarmee op een heel flexibele manier issues en projecten tracken en het laat je toe om eender welke maatstaf van werk te hanteren (taken, verbeteringen, bugs, user stories, …). Het heeft een vastgelegde workflow. Efficiëntie gegarandeerd!

What's with this lexicon?

Digital transformation, Artificial intelligence, Robots takings our jobs, ... my GOD what a scary time we live in! Right? No, not really. We live in a very exciting time of endless possibilities, of genius new answers to questions we haven’t even been able to formulate... Some people just want to make good money by starting a fire and then being hired to put it out. We don’t like that at Bagaar. No apocalyptic vibes for us, we’re too zen for that.

The intelligence game will be won by those who know how to ask & answer questions critically.

Technology is evolving at a crazy pace, absolutely, and sometimes it might be a bit mindblowing, but don’t worry, humans are still the writers of this story, we decide how it goes. At Bagaar we help our clients every day to gear up for any technological challenge they may be up to, we have a very big toolbox of digital answers to their problems and are very happy to help them in writing their own story. This time we wanted to do something not only for our clients but for everyone, our moms, the guy at the busstop, politicians, journalists, whoever may be helped with a little free knowledge.

Core message here: Trojan: Nice for the greeks, not for you.

So, we wrote this lexicon in the assumption that if people would have more information, and a bit of guidance, they wouldn’t have to feel so helpless when hearing about Digital transformation, MVP’s, Frontend, AWS, Trojans, UX, UI, ... (Que?) We assembled all the buzzwords we use on a daily basis and tried to give a down to earth, simple explanation for each of them. Take it with you, read through it when you’re waiting on a train or getting your nails done and next time somebody starts a fire, you just blow it out yourself (or if it’s too big call Bagaar).

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So, you just talked to a developer and didn’t understand any of the words he/she used? If those words aren’t in our lexicon yet, we’ll translate them to human language for you.